Xbox App FAQs

Hemanshu Malaviya
posted this on December 06, 2011 12:36

 How do I access blinkbox on my Xbox?

 All you need is an Xbox 360, internet connection, blinkbox account and at least 1 Gold Xbox Live account signed in.

 In order to access blinkbox using your Xbox:

 1. Go to the apps area on the home screen and search for blinkbox

 2. Install and then launch the blinkbox application (once installed it can be found in either "My Video Apps" under tv & movies or "My Apps")

 3. Link your blinkbox account to your Xbox Live account

 To find out more, visit our devices pages


Don't have a blinkbox account?

Sign up for free at https://www.blinkbox.com/Join/xbox.


Can I purchase or rent movies using the App?

Yes, you can rent or purchase titles through our Xbox app.

However, you cannot currently redeem Voucher Codes or use Account Credit when using the App.

You will need to use a PC or a Laptop if you would like to redeem a voucher code or use the credit from your account.


Redeem Voucher


This screen can be accessed from any movie or TV show detail page.

Just go to the link in a Web browser, sign in to your blinkbox account and make your purchase.

It will then appear the My blinkbox area of the Xbox app.


Are all titles available to view on Xbox using the App?

Most titles are available to view on Xbox using the app. A few titles may be unavailable due to studio restrictions.


Can I download titles onto my Xbox Live?

At the moment, you cannot download any titles to your Xbox.


Picture Quality

We think you'll prefer a continuous watching experience with the occasional drop in quality rather than lots of buffering. To this end we're automatically and constantly adjusting the quality to take account of your broadband connection. If the picture appears to go a little blocky then you're seeing this in action, but don't worry, the quality will quickly return.


Parental Controls

To ensure a safe experience for movies and TV, the blinkbox application on Xbox inherits the Family settings content restrictions configured for Movies and TV within the Xbox Family Centre and use these settings to filter appropriate content based on BBFC classifications.


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